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Don't let preventable injuries drain your profits

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From reactive to proactive: transform your workplace with Vergo

Reduce Workplace Injuries
Our computer vision technology identifies high-risk postures and activities, helping you reduce the risk of accidents.

Boost Productivity
A safer workplace means fewer injuries and more efficient operations, driving higher productivity and revenue.

Lower Injury Costs
Say goodbye to hefty workers' compensation claims. Vergo lowers insurance expenses, contributing directly to your bottom line.

Empower Employees
Prioritize your workforce's well-being. A safer environment boosts morale, reduces turnover, and enhances job satisfaction.


No specialty hardware required

Vergo operates without wearables, specialty cameras, or internet connectivity. It runs directly on users' smartphones or tablets, providing convenience and simplicity.





Elevate workplace safety with Vergo



Safety-centric onboarding: Navigating
movement & injury prevention

New hires excel with computer vision ergonomic assessments and microlearning videos. Safety from day one.


Data-driven safety advancement
Elevate safety protocols with near real-time data insights. Our data can uncover operational adjustments that yield significant safety enhancements. 

Boosting efficiency for greater productivity

Safety and productivity go hand in hand. With Vergo, a safer environment means fewer injuries, reduced downtime, and more efficient operations. Elevate your workforce's efficiency, driving growth and profitability.



Safety is paramount—equip your team with essential tools to move safely

Streamlined analysis for actionable insights

Our streamlined risk analysis replaces lengthy assessment forms, allowing you to focus on impactful recommendations. Discover concise risk summaries, spot risky postures in videos, and receive detailed body-area risk scores​.

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