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Keeping Your Team Injury-Free with Effective Movement: Vergo's Learning Platform

Complementing Vergo's movement analysis reports, supervisors can send employees brief 2-3 minute learning videos weekly. This systematic method nurtures enduring safe movement habits.


Have a bias for action, getting feedback iteratively is the only path for success


Are unafraid of tackling “impossible” problems

Safe and effective movement training by Vergo

Strive to be articulate and humble, and accept being wrong occasionally

Effective Learning Approach

Vergo's microlearning training videos cultivate positive habits and muscle memory gradually, ensuring sustained and effective change through consistent learning, practice, and coaching.

Tailored Training in Short Bites

With custom 2-3 minute training videos, Vergo develops safe movement habits over time, minimizing disruption to operations. Adopting these practices becomes seamless for your workers.

Foster Safe and Strong Movements

Vergo's training empowers your workforce to develop safe and strong movement habits, enhancing workplace safety and productivity with minimal interruption.

Roll with the punches, adapting easily to an ever changing environment

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Injury prevention through mindful movement

Focus on Injury Prevention

Vergo's training centers on the direct link between movement and injury prevention. Our aim is to maintain your team's health and safety.

Clear Instructions for Safe Movements

We offer step-by-step instructions for accurate movements, showcasing strong vs. weak examples. This equips your workers to identify risky positions effectively.

Practical and Safe Training

Trust Vergo for practical movement training that guarantees workplace safety. Count on us to create an injury-free environment with effective movement practices.

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