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Safety that pays off: See how Vergo reduces injuries and costs

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Reshaping workplace safety to combat musculoskeletal injuries with Vergo

Costly Impact 
Musculoskeletal injuries result in billions of dollars in medical expenses and workers' compensation costs annually, affecting both employee well-being and the company's bottom line.

Productivity Drain 
These injuries, accounting for 1 in 3 workplace injuries, lead to extended recovery times, reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism.

Preventable Solution 
Many musculoskeletal injuries are preventable through ergonomic interventions, making Vergo a strategic investment for proactive injury reduction.


From data to action:
The step-by-step Vergo process for safety enhancement

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Collect Data 

Record a video directly from your phone or upload an existing video to the Vergo online platform – no wearables or additional equipment required.  


Vergo's computer vision technology conducts ergonomic assessments, identifying risky postures and movements. This data forms the foundation for targeted safety improvements.

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Analyze and Refine

Pinpoint areas of concern (high, medium and low risk), identify trends, and make informed decisions for enhanced safety protocols. Users can export assessment videos, and PDF reports to share with their teams.

Empower Through Learning

Vergo doesn't stop at assessment. Our microlearning videos offer personalized guidance to employees, fostering proper ergonomic habits and ensuring continuous improvement.

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Which industry can we optimize for you?
Discover how Vergo's solutions benefit a range of sectors:






Experience industry-specific safety and productivity enhancements with Vergo.


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