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Worker -Centric AI: Protecting Companies' Most Important Assets - Their People  


The vast majority of worker injuries could have been prevented.

Across the globe, workplace injuries have a significant impact, with a staggering burden of $250 billion that affects both lives and economies. At Vergo, we stand firm in our commitment to prioritize worker well-being and safety.

Our conviction is clear: every worker deserves to return home safe and well every single day. Every employer should possess effective tools to ensure a safe work environment.


At Vergo, our mission is to empower dedicated individuals in physically demanding roles to prevent injuries through optimal human movement and data-driven insights.

Where innovation and safety converge

We are a dedicated team of digital health enthusiasts, united in our mission to address a significant workplace safety challenge: musculoskeletal injuries account for nearly 40% of all workplace-related injuries. Let's drive change together!

Our vision is to create a future where workplace safety is highly effective and effortlessly integrated.


Ready to join forces with us? Become part of our talent pool by sharing your resume or portfolio through the provided link. Together, we can make a difference in shaping the future of workplace safety.

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